Suppliers /Sellers Options

We buy Books from all kind of field. Whether you are new to selling online or have been in the book industry for years, S.O.D Books features aknowledgeable and friendly support staff that will quickly provide you with easy to understand instructions and assistance.

To start selling or supplying online, simply create a customer account. On the registration page, Click on the Supplier” and “Seller” option on the customer user group. Our team will immediately be notified of your application and approve it within 1-2 business days.

Once your account status is active,you will have complete access to your Supplier account functions. Click the Sell Books options bellow in other to upload your books details.

You can upload individual items or bulk files – we accept nearly every kind of image file format. The inventory specification will be sent to you via email or phone. 

There are no hidden fees!S.O.D Books takes a 15% commission only if a book sells on our S.O.D Books. There are no closing, listing, or subscription fees. The full shipping fee is paid directly to you. S.O.D Books Suppliers are offered a variety of payment options – you will be paid via your bank account.

Please sign up today or contact us at  for more information on becoming a S.O.D Books Supplier. Supplier support vows to answer each email within 1-2 business day or less.