For Merchants:


We welcome our merchants to sodbooks online market store. We want to use this privilege to inform our merchants that we are not just sellers of intellectual objects, but also, we are here to promote Reading culture across Africa. We are here to inspire readers to be more awakened. As time counts, we will be bringing up new ideas on ways to do it better, and to attain that end, which is a primary motive among other things,

The Terms and Policies:

1) all sellers are responsible, legally; for their products in terms of ownership, copyright, and quality of products. 

2) all uploaded materials onto the merchant's account or store should entail all the necessary features.

3) the management charges 10% for every product sold out, or sales made from the sodbooks online market place.

4) we pay to our merchant's bank account every Saturday according to the sales made over the week - from the sodbooks online store. 

5) online presence is to the seller's advantage, based on the fact that all orders made to other sellers from your area will be redirected to you. Therefore, it is a serious demand to monitor your online store for every incoming customer's order.

6) By the means of "the location search engine" in the site, all orders made from a seller's location to other sellers in other locations within our coverage will be redirected to you, the closest, as long as the item is available in your store.

7) the buyer and seller agree that we would be held free from any liability in contract, precontract, or other such representation from all transaction made on sodbooks market place.

Terms and conditions for sales:

1) All orders made must be delivered within 48 hours.
2) Customer satisfaction is vital: All customer must be treated with respect dignity.

3) Defective items should be accepted, if complains and returns are made within 7 days after the delivery

4) Incessant complains from customers about a seller may warrant the management of sodbooks to suspend or terminate such seller from doing business at the market place.  


Terms and Conditions for Use

Items that are not suitable for return:

Perishable goods are not accepted for return except the reason for the rejection of such item is raised at the point of delivery with affirmation from the dispatcher

Payment and Pricing:

We put all necessary effort to make sure that the price of the list of products on the site are accurate, but in such occasion where the price of a product may be misquoted, we will have the right to refuse or cancel such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed, and a full return will be given where you have paid for such products.


We make all necessary effort to deliver goods to customers within the time interval set out on the website; but in case there is a delay beyond our reasonable control - under such circumstances - we will suffer no liability for any delay of product that is stretched beyond the set out interval. 

You agree not to hold the seller liable for delay in delivery that is beyond our reasonable control.

Liability of parties on the sodbooks market place:

We also operate a market place which open for third parties to sell their products on our website. The buyer and seller agree that we would be held free from any liability in contract or precontract for all transactions conducted on the sodbooks market place.


You agree to indemnify us, our affiliates, offices, directors, agents, and/or employee, as the case may be, free from any claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, related to your breach of these terms and condition of sales. 

What if i Complain after the 7 days Return Time Frame has Elapsed? 

For products complains outside 7 days in relation to detective items you may:

1)  Contact the seller of the product who will be in a better position to provide a resolution.

2) Contact us so that we can assist in getting a resolution from the seller.