Fish Biology

Fish Biology

Fish Biology 2011, pp. 272

Population explosion and food scarcity are the twin problems of our country. Fish management can fulfil the trenchant problem food scarcity and malnutrition to some extent; therefore proper fish management is the crying need of India. To solve this burning problem, a wide gap between technology generation and technology dissemination should be checked within no time, because knowledge has emerged as one of the most powerful tool and is a big challenge particularly in the wake of changing scenario of globalization and commercialization, Hence the main aim of this book to bride this gap.
About Author :
Dr. Arvind Kumar (b. 23.03.1953) University Professor, Department of Zoology, S.K.M University , Dumka (Jharkhand) has 26 years experience as Scholarship all through his college and university years and got meritorial fellowship of CSIR, New Delhi. He has been awarded Professor W.A. Nizami Gold Medal by the Zoological Society of India in 2000 and Dr. S.Z.Qasim Gold Medal by S.V.B. Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut in 2005 for his outstanding achievements.
Contents :
Strategies for Utilization of Biogas Slurry in Fish Pond Manuring
The Use of PRobiotic Feed Supplement in India Major Carps When Challenged with Aeromonas Hydrophila
Effects of Melatonin on the Melanophores of Fish, Labeo Rohita(Ham.)
Selected Haematological Paameters of Clarieas Batrachus and Heteropneustis Fossils Experimently INfected with Myxobacteria
Environmentla Appraisal of depleting Fish Diversity of Kashmir Valley
Ex-Situ Conservation of Chocolate Mahser (Neolissocheilus Hexagonolepis Mc Clelland ) in 'Shally Lake' in Arunachal Pradesh
An Approach to Bioconrol for Fish Pond Management
Bioaccumulation of Chromium Trioxide and its Effect on Blood Glucose, Glycogen Content and LH Activity inthe Fish, Tilapia Mossambica
Hepato-Toxicity of Organophosphorous Compound Malathion on the Protein Metabolism in Cirrhina Mrigalal (HAM)
Three Dimensional Analysis of Lentic Fish Biology
A Study of Mating and Breeding Tactics of Gambusia Affinis (Baird and Girard 1853)
Studies on Qualitative and Quantitative Plankton Production Unsing Duck Droppings
Impact of Temperature on Outbreak of Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome in Fish
Need for Multi-Meida Strategy for Accelerating Inland Fish Production
Effect of Different Concentrations of Folidol on Glycogen on Liver of Snake Head Fish, Chann Punctatus (Bloch).
Effect of Sise and Density on the Feeding Energetics of Three Freshwater Fishes
A Review on the Heavy Metal Toxicity on the Freshwater Fishes
Maintenance and Breeding Techniques of Blue/Three-Sport Gourami, Trichogaster Trichopter (Pallas, 1770)
Coastal Fisheries Activities of the Traditional Fishermen in the Contai Coast of Purba Medinipur District of West Bengal
Effect of Distillery Effluent on Tissue Phosphateses Activity of Freshwater Teleost Hypophthalimichtys Molitrix (Val.) and Catla Catla (HAM)
Study on the Sexual Dimorphism of Poecilia Reticulata and Gambusia Affinis (Poeciliidae)
Malathion and Temperture Induced Alterations on Some Blood Parameters of Frewshwater Gobiid Fish, Glossogobium Giuris (HAM)
Application of ITK in Fish Farm Management
On the Function of the Labyrinthine Organ of Macropodus Cupanus
A Study on the Fecundity of Some Freshwater Fishes of India, with a Note of a Concept of Comparative Fecundity
Haematological Changes in a Hill Stream Fish Garra Gotyla Gotyla (Gray) Infected with Trypanosomes
Emersion Stress Changes the Free Amono Acid Content of Blood of Macropodus Cupans
Lenght-Weight Relationship and Fecundity of Cyprinid Fish Semiplotus Manipurensis From Manipur
Study on the Lenght-Weight Relationship and Population Structure of Chocolate Mahseer-Neolissocheilus Hexagonolepis (Mcclelland) in 'Shally Lake' in Arunachal
Effect of Body Weight and Sex on Liver Glycogen Level of Heteropneustes Fossilis (Block.)
Analytical Data on Fecundity, Gonado Somatic Index and Ova Diameter of a Weed Fish, P.Tocto Found in a Tropical Lake
Studies on the Biology of Puntius Sophore (UAM) from the Loktak Lake, Manipur with a Note on its Utilization in the Region
Heavy Metal Toxicity Induced behavrioural and Morphological Changes in an Air-Breathing Fish Channa Punctata (Bloch)
Status of Fisheries Resources in Selected Backwates of Kerala
Haemato-Biochemical Studies on Some Economically Important North Indian Fishes. III. On the Sea Sonal Variation of Organic Metabolite-Glucose
Impact of Dairy Effleunts on the Behavrioural Responses of Fish, Glossogibus Giuris (HAM)

Specifications of Fish Biology 2011, pp. 272 (Crown Size) (English) 01 Edition (Paperback)

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Publisher Aph Publishing Corporations
ISBN-10 8176489158
Edition 01
Number of Pages 263 Pages
Publication Year 2005
Language English
ISBN-13 9788176489157
Binding Paperback

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