Exchange / Rent

Exchange / Rent

Not only do we sell or rent books, we buy or exchange them! Our buyback and exchange program features a database of over hundreds of titles that we buy back and exchange every day. Customers / Suppliers / Seller search for the book they wish to sell or exchange, they accept the quoted price, and send the book to us using a prepaid label or they come to our office.

To start Exchanging books online, simply create a customer account.  On the customer account registration page, Select the Exchang and Buyback option on the Customers group.  Our team will immediately be notified of your application and approve it within 1-2 business days.

Rentage Policy

1.   Minimum book exchange charges ranges from N200 and above depending on the amount of rented book.
2.      Another book should be brought and compared with the new one in other for exchange to take place.
3.      The book should be in good condition.
4.      Any turned book will be returned.
5.      All registration will be approved by our administrator before been activated.

6.      Registration fee will be required.

7. Books Rented are only Novels.. more books may be added with time.